Thursday, July 23, 2009

"New Visa Requirements Changing the Face of Boxing in Arizona" - Redux

The Arizona Star has picked up the article we blogged about last week, relating to P-1 visa requirements for boxers in Arizona. The Star has a broad readership, and as is apparent from the reader comments accompanying the article, that readership seems to be generally inclined against relaxed visa requirements. The following comment is just one example of what is a serious flaw in the country's current immigration debate - a lack of knowledge about immigration processing.

Yes this story is a complete lie and the ADS as usual does zero fact checking.
Immigrant visa applications currently cost $260 per individual application and $65 for issuance.

Too often rhetoric and vitriol prevail over fact and reasoning. As noted on the USCIS website, the filing fee for the I-129 (the form used to file a P-1 petition) is actually $320. Premium processing, which is a virtual necessity for speedy resolution of P-1 cases, is another $1000. Moreover, attorney's fees for the preparation of P-1 petitions typically run in the thousands of dollars simply because the amount of effort involved in procuring a P-1 visa greatly overshadows that which is required for a simple B-1/B-2 visitors visa.

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